La Rosa Negra

02009-05-18 | Music | 8 comments

Today’s music was recorded live in 1991. The musicians were:

OL – flamenco guitar
Jon Gagan – electric fretless bassguitar
Davo Bryant – percussion

Download the high quality audio file here.


  1. yumi

    My…my. You just got home, must be tired and still put together something for everyone to enjoy. It is really beautiful. Thank you.

  2. Matt Callahan

    Goes great with morning coffee

  3. Carol

    Goes right along with the beautiful day we have. Thanks

  4. dave

    Also goes great with afternoon ice coffee.

  5. LindaW

    and this would be absolutely perfect sitting in the sun with a Dos Equis & lime, along with Stevo’s guacamole and chips…

    but its far too early for that today! (so I am just listening) ;-)

    Thank you Ottmar…

  6. Kaz

    Love it!! Thx Ottmar! Nice to have you back,,u were misssed!

  7. JMS

    Wonderful. Every time I hear this it reminds me of why I love playing guitar. I love Jon’s melody in the middle. It pumps me up every time I hear it. I first heard this when the listening lounge first opened up. I must have listened to this one song about a hundred times now (literally) and it never gets old.


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