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Here are a couple of photos Salma took in Annapolis at the Rams Head this week.:

You can find the whole set on Salma’s Flickr. Nice images, taken without a flash, and from a difficult vantage point! Thanks Salma!

Had to park the bus away from the venue yesterday. Google suggested a walking distance of 2.5 miles or 48 minutes. I decided on an alternate route along the Charles river and led the pack to Harvard Square in less than 1.5 miles and 20 minutes.

Wish it was easy to tell Google Maps when their routing is bad. Or is it – I have never tried. Noticed a Wagamama on JFK Street and made a mental note for lunch, as I love the Wagamama restaurants in London. Walked around for a few hours and enjoyed the familiar sites. Here is a shot from Wagamama, where most of us were having lunch, of Stephen passing us across the street:

The evening was a good experience in view of playing 12 shows at the Blue Note in Manhattan next week. We played two different sets. I looked around for DK, but didn’t see him. Next year I will have to use the microphone to ask him to stand up… :-)

Load-in and load-out was a horror – I don’t think the club is set up well for touring acts – but the food at Henrietta’s was outstanding (((but the apricot sorbet was too sweet))).

It was nice to spend a day in Cambridge!


  1. Adam

    Harvard…that’s what it’s called! Here I thought it was Cambridge Community College. Silly me :)

    Hey, if you have two sets, do you know which shows in NYC will get Set A and which will get Set B?

  2. dave

    Next year I’ll stand up & do the slow clap.

  3. Ottmar

    Adam: We only have “A”sets. :-)
    I usually change the set order in the last few minutes before the concert anyway and sometimes I call audibles during the performance.
    Dave: Promises, promises… I see your “slow-clap” and raise you: next time I’ll bring a rare CD, something you don’t have in your collection, and I’ll only hand it to you if you say hello after the performance. :-)

  4. dave

    Sounds like a plan.

  5. panj

    Wonderful pics Salma…good to see Ottmar looking so healthy! God Speed!


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