Wednesday Rehearsal

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Rode the Mariachi Bullitt, loaded with my guitar and a bag, to Atlas for a workout and then to Jon’s studio for a rehearsal with the quintet. Band sounded great, a very nice step forward from the last tour. Now that everyone knows the music well, we can work on improving the arrangements and that’s what we did.

Rode home in the afternoon and did a phone interview with the Easthampton Press for our concert at the Westhampton PAC in May.

The dates for Autumn in Germany are firm now – all solo:

Oct 03 – München, Germany – Carl Orff Saal
Oct 04 – Leipzig, Germany – Spiegelpalast
Oct 06 – Berlin, Germany – Kleine Arena Tempodrom
Oct 07 – Hamburg, Germany – Stage Club
Oct 08 – Hanover, Germany – Markuskirche
Oct 09 – Köln, Germany – Kulturkirche

Go here to see links to the venues. There will be three to four shows in Italy and Austria before Jon and I roll into Munich.

Current reading: The Janissary Tree by Jason Goodwin. After reading about Inspector Shan in Tibet (here, here, here and here) and Detective Sonchai Jitpleecheep in Bangkok (here), I am now reading about the eunuch Yashim Togalu investigating crime in Istanbul in 1836. Lovely, to be entertained while learning something about foreign places. At one point Yashim makes a paste out of walnuts and garlic that he puts on fish. I want to try that with tofu or grilled chicken.

If you have to push helmets for bicyclists… at least do it like this. :-)

Please remember to add to your email-address book as I will be sending out a new password for May this week. Wouldn’t want to lose the password in your spam filter.


  1. Gudrun

    Ottmar, das ist großartig! Ich freue mich jetzt schon auf Deine Show….

  2. Luz

    I know what Boris will be doing in October! Would love to be there on 10/8 to celebrate my 50th birthday–but would have to win the lottery first! ;-)

  3. Boris

    Boris would like to have a word with the tour organizer to include Innsbruck on Oct 1 or 2. There is a very suiting venue named Treibhaus. :) Anyway, Munich, Oct 3 is a deal. Carl Orff Saal seems to be rather big – a nice challenge. My Dad – who is from the Hannover region – says Markuskirche would be a nice place, city center. And the venue in Köln is still standing, according to my last info. :) Will the organizer try to fill the Oct 5 gap? Dresden would be cool.

  4. Ottmar

    The artist doesn’t want the promoter to fill October 5th. The artist might play 10 concerts (if the two Italian and two Austrian concerts are happening) in 11 days and has never been in Berlin. He thinks it is ideal to have the one day off there…

    I passed your tip RE Innsbruck on to my agent. Thanks for that!

  5. Brenda

    Very Happy for You for your Autumn Dates in Germany. The photos of the venues are very pleasing to the eyes as picture is worth a thousand words because … well I can not read the words but interesting array of symbols. It is good.
    Have Fun and Much Happiness Touring!!! To you and wonderful Ottmar Friends.

  6. Boris

    Never been to Berlin? Hmmm… And you think one day off is enough in this case?! You will want to come back.
    In 2000 I saw Santana perform in an outdoor venue in Berlin’s east. What a show it was!
    Well, too much to say about Berlin. Best advice might be: Have your camera ready. And enjoy.

  7. Brenda

    Good for you Boris. Hmmm Santana – Went to my husband’s vinyl collection pulled Abraxas and with yes the orginal Inner Sleeve and one of the stories is about Carlos Santana and Buddy Miles. Yes, not one finger print on that vinyl.Yes, Poster was included printed in U.S.A.


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