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Here is an example of the music available at Ottmar-Friends:

That’s a recording we made at our first rehearsal with new drummer Michael Chavez. Subscribers get to download a high quality 320kbps mp3 version. I started out thinking I would offer one or two tracks per month, but we are already up to 11 downloads in two month. They are mostly 320kbps mp3s, but there is also a 24 bit 96kHz aiff file for audiophiles.

Monday I presented to the subscribers a new mix I am working on, a unreleased and unnamed bossa recorded during the sessions for The Hours Between Night + Day in the Spring of 1993. It’s a lovely bossa with a nice koto solo by Osamu Kitajima, but a CD can only handle about 74 minutes of music and The Hours Between Night + Day was packed full and tight.


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