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My cherry tree waited until after the snow fall last weekend to begin blossoming.

My brother’s new Pilates studio in Santa Fe. I am training with him regularly. I have been doing Pilates since 1997 and have worked with half a dozen different trainers and Stefan is the best, no question. The studio is great and very thoughtfully put together, comfortable and as organic as possible.

Today we worked out to Bloom – Brian Eno’s iPhone/iPod Touch appliction that generates music. Perfect background, soft, non-rhythmic sounds that feel like a field, not music…

Atlas Pilates
825-D Early Street
Santa Fe NM 87505

The phone number is on the door…

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  1. James

    I’d like to visit Atlas when I make it to Santa Fe! I have one of those Balanced Body half cadillac reformers at home – very nice equipment, best living room furniture I ever purchased!!
    And have you seen Eno’s 77 million paintings application? Runs on your computer as a continuous ‘slide show’ of slowly evolving paintings. I like it so much that it’s running on a dedicated computer – in the Pilates studio!


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