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What is this? It’s neither Monday nor Friday and it’s not my music. Here Stephen Duros and Jason McGuire play Stephen’s song Miranda:

Stevo says it’s OK to download the high quality mp3 here.


  1. Boris

    Fantastic! Wonderful version. I was hoping for this when I heard the track on his website. There should be a donation device that goes directly to Stevo. Thank you so much!

  2. Brenda

    It’s Earth Day with Miranda! Thanks for sharing. Very nice, indeed.

  3. Ottmar

    Boris: you could re-buy a track or two of Stephen’s in the LL. What would help him most though, is word-of-mouth. Consider writing great reviews for his two albums on amazon, iTunes and other download sites, for example. We need to expose more people to Stephen’s music. Amazon USA, for example, has only one review for Thira and none for the album Miranda. iTunes has no customer-reviews for either album. Consider yourself drafted into the Stephen Duros Publicity Coalition.

  4. Gerry

    I’ve told a few of my friends that Stephen is a great player. It’s now up to them, I won’t copy music for them.

  5. Ottmar

    Thanks Gerry! You can always direct your friends to our SSRI Sampler. There they can download two free Stephen Duros recordings, the title tracks from Miranda and Thira.

  6. Boris

    Done. At least on amazon.de, and at least in German. Now if passers-by would hit the “ja” button, stating that my fan comment was useful … :) And once you are there you might as well do the same with Gudrun’s comment dating back to 2007 already! Welch fleißiges Lieschen!

  7. Ottmar

    Thanks Boris. How about writing one for Miranda as well? You might have to search under “mp3 downloads”.

  8. Boris

    Will do. And yes, I know that Jon’s 2 albums don’t have fan comments on amazon.de yet. I just figured that once you have written a comment they use it to advertise the different formats. They don’t use it for the individual mp3 tracks, though. An artist’s listing is way longer now.

  9. Gudrun

    @ Boris: ;-)

    @ Stephen: I wrote to your journal entry “Last show of the summer tour”, Sept. 1, 2007: Stephen, you should release “Steve Stephen” as an album again……

    Thank you for Miranda…

  10. Stevo

    Hi Gudrun,

    The “Steve Stephen” album is now called “Miranda” and has been beautifully re-mastered by Jon Gagan. It’s available in the listening lounge with new artwork and a few extra tracks.


    I hope you enjoy!

  11. Gudrun

    Thank you, Stevo, I know that.

    I’m often stopping by your journal and I was very happy about this news and I’m going to download “Miranda” as soon as possible (I’m waiting to my new creditcard…). “Steve Stephen’s” last chance to be my favourite ;-)


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