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Yesterday Jon modified his bassline for Heart Still/Beating and sent the new parts to me via DropBox. For some reason that only DigiDesign understands, the .sd2 files could NOT be read by my ProTools computer. When he sent .aif files instead they were read and located perfectly. Our theory is that since .sd2 is a proprietary file-format DigiDesign can do some black magic when the file travels across a non-ProTools computer. A file typically journeys from his ProTools desktop computer to his non-ProTools laptop and from there to the DropBox on the Information Highway. Then it is downloaded by my non-ProTools laptop and carried on a pocket drive to the ProTools computer in the studio – which has never been connected to the internet. No big deal, just won’t use .sd2 (Sound Designer II) files anymore. I have only used .aif for years, but we still used .sd2 when we recorded The Santa Fe Sessions in 2001-2002

Worked on a third Lava track, this one called Gothic Rock – how DID we come up with those titles??? Nice dynamics. These new Lava mixes sound so much better to me than the old ones.

Received an advance copy of Roy Rogers’ new album Split Decision, which will be released next week, I believe. I played a Flamenco guitar solo on the track Your Sweet Embrace.

Matt Schoening permitted me to make my rough mix of Kites Over the Playa available to you next week. It features the guitar a little more than the album mix does and I quite like the way it sounds.

Tuesday evening I made dinner for Roshi Joan Halifax, who just returned from Dharmsala, India. She told me about new scientific findings regarding meditation. Amazing stuff. And, check out this photo Roshi took of Kazuaki Tanahashi. I love the band of color in an otherwise nearly black & white image.


  1. Matt Callahan

    Listened to the last new version of Heart Still/Beating last night. The Santa Fe Sessions was my cooking music for a long time. It seemed to go very well with the flow of preparing food. I’m interested to see what the reworking of the songs will do to the collection.

    Yes, the new Lava tracks are a huge improvement. It’s almost not fair to compare them to the old versions.

  2. Brenda

    I don’t know about Black Magic but tomorrow is a grass roots event we named “Green Magic”. This is First time event but I want to say Thanks for all your inspiring Green comments and healthy life links. Maybe after the event I won’t have to hear, Hey Brenda, What is a Green Event? Thanks again for all the Green Stuff you have shared. It has been every educational! Appreciate it!


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