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Yesterday I learned a new way to tie my shoes, using the Ian Knot. In the afternoon I took photos for this Time-Lapse:

Fade to Grey from Ottmar Liebert on Vimeo.

The color and shadows were all fading to grey as the sun dove behind clouds. The camera choked a couple of times, which created two or three hickups. I like the bits of color. Will try again.

Nice comments yesterday. I especially enjoyed this:

It really doesn’t matter what the numbers are. It’s how clear the sound is and how much room there is in it for you. A place for you to slip in and enjoy the ride.

and this:

I enjoy the three dimensional sense of a higher quality audio file…It’s little like drinking Wine; when we’re exposed to something better it’s not easy to go back to something of a lesser quality……Cheers!

Woke up at 06:30 to snow on the ground and dark grey clouds. It’s been so very dry that all moisture is welcome.

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  1. LindaW

    This actually got me to put on socks and shoes and try the Ian Knot. I am impressed at the ease and security of it!

    Its’ a pity that the snow/rain will not last longer, but the forecast says sunny and 60F for tomorrow. I agree, we need the moisture!


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