Wednesday Rehearsal

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Rehearsal 10:00-13:30 and then packing up and transporting gear. Band sounded good, but what’s really exciting is the potential of this group. These two drummers work very well together. It’s always a gamble, putting two drummers together – some make a great team, some don’t. (((not unlike setting up somebody for a blind date)))

Jon recorded every piece we have worked up for this tour, so we can each listen to the arrangements and memorize them on the two-day bus ride to California. Stevo and Jon kept commenting that much of it sounded like an album and I have to agree. Maybe we should record the band for our subscribers after the Summer tour – live in his studio.

In the meantime we should have a few pieces we can release as free Ottmar-Friends downloads… probably with a few warts (mistakes), but with a pretty nice feel.

Overall a great second day. The second day of rehearsals is often a let-down from the first, but not so this time. Now I have to pack…

This is cool!!

Fantastic gift from a friend arrived today. Beautiful book. Unfortunately too big to bring along on this tour.

Oh, and it looks like we’ll be adding Rome and Vienna to my October Solo shows. Six shows in Germany, one (maybe two, but the routing might not work) in Austria and two in Italy. All in a row, one day off in Berlin.


  1. James

    Have a great tour. Will there be more drummer jokes than guitarist jokes?

  2. Victor Hornback

    I always enjoy the your releases from the live shows (warts and all). I think it’s all the little variations from a polished album that are fun to hear – also makes me excited to catch a live show!

    Safe traveling!

  3. LindaW

    a nice summer recording sounds GREAT!

    you all have a nice tour… (catch ya in Santa Fe and Houston)

    we will wait here for warts ;-)

    be safe!

  4. Marsha

    Looking forward to the releases from the live shows.

    Enjoy the tour!

  5. Heather

    The live recording of course will be MOST welcome. Will be watching in Buffalo. I think it has been 3 years since the last time…

  6. Adam

    Haven’t heard of the book but Phaidon’s a cool company! Lots of interesting stuff. Have you seen their store in LA? They might have others too….

  7. Brenda

    These drummers must be moving to the rhythm of dancing feet.
    Easy to dance to! Under the Rose will have your audience dancing in the aisles. Get’s you movin.

  8. Panj

    God Speed!!!
    …we shall be heading to Sacramento, gliding up the Sac River, and once on the levee, ‘Silence No More Longing’ shall start us off, just as at your concerts…can’t think of anything better!!!

  9. Kaz

    Bon Voyage!!
    I’ll be keeping an eye on your touring schedule …hopefully… Montreal??…possibly. ..perhaps…why not?…..come on!!… ;)


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