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02009-03-20 | Music | 12 comments

I will present something mellower on Monday to get your week started, but it’s Friday, the work is done and you are going to home to have some fun. (((that rhymes, I should write lyrics!)))

Here is a Lava recording from 1995. The box of the old 2 inch multitrack tape says T-Rex #3 is the title. Musicians: the usual suspects… OL, Jon Gagan, Carl Coletti, Mark Clark and featuring Eric Schemerhorn, fresh from tour with Iggy Pop. Technical info: recorded in my Santa Fe studio on a Sony 24-track, 2 inch machine. Transferred to digital (24/48k) in 2003 and mixed this week:

Download the 320kbps music file here.

Oh, and the sound (((identified as Solo Gtr on the track sheet))) that starts about a minute and a half into the song and develops into something that reminds me of the sound of a large propeller plane in the middle of the night, was made by a guitar, played through the wonderful Eventide H3000…


  1. dave

    You’re a poet & you don’t even know it. Great remix!!! Perfect way to start the weekend. Thanks.

  2. Heather

    wow – unexpected.

  3. Matt Callahan

    Amazing difference in sound quality from the original version I have. Looking forward to hearing the rest as they come along.

  4. yumi

    As expected!
    Isn’t that the way Spring should be celebrated?

  5. Jason

    Incredible Sonics. Sounds great @ my end.

  6. Linda W

    Excellent! (and completely unexpected)

    Managed to get it on the blackberry before I left work… what a nice way to travel home!

    Happy Friday!

  7. Carol

    I love this luxury. You make it so easy. I’ve played it over and over. I love those crazy sounds that go so well.
    This is fun! Thank you.

  8. Gerald Gibbon

    Very cool!!

    Will download to the Blackberry.

    Thanks much.

  9. Kaz

    Makes me want to ‘Spring’ into……..


  10. Brenda

    My oh my – Very nice –

  11. Steve

    This is fantastic. Very hip. Great introductory soundtrack for spring…

  12. Victor

    Ah fantastic great song to celebrate spring thanks so much for sharing this with us and I really like this new idea of how you share with us. Thanks


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