Tuesday Moon

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The Big Bowl:

I want to make new recordings that will only be released to the subscribers. For example, I would like to record the Villa-Lobos piece from “Leaning into the Night” for Ottmar-Friends – with video. I have been playing that piece for many years and feel that I am getting somewhere with it. Jon Gagan has been encouraging me to perform it during my solo-shows and I think I will.

I see Ottmar-Friends as my overall publisher, and I like the image of a big bowl into which I can place all of my content, which will also include longer writings, which I would probably publish in the shape of downloadable PDFs.

Full Moon:

In the evening I got ready to climb a ladder to the roof to take photos for a time-lapse video of the stars and the moon. It looked nice, but was much too brief because of the cold weather. Will try again during the April full moon.

Could not get enough shots because it was so cold that the batteries could not keep a charge. The top vid is from last night and the moving white specks are stars. Soon the full moon would have crossed the view… The bottom vid is from this morning. The moon is setting and the sun is about to rise and it was looking really nice until the battery died again. Click on the full-screen icon to see anything at all.


  1. yumi

    it is a nice transition from evening sky and stars to sunrise.

  2. dave

    Prelude #3 is a beautiful song. Listening to it right now. It’d be nice to hear a solo guitar version.


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