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02009-03-09 | Music | 3 comments

Careful, this could open another one of Pandora’s Boxes for you… A 24 bit 96kHz AIFF file of “This Spring Release 10,000 Butterflies”! Right-click / control-click on this link to download the song (”save as…”) – on a Mac you might just click on the link and it will ask you whether you want to save or download and open with iTunes . The file is rather large, almost 200MB. iTunes has no trouble opening and playing back the file.


  1. Will

    Nice to be back!

  2. Steve

    I have been playing the 24/96 version of “Butterflies…” quit a bit this morning. Since it snowed a bit here (Boulder, CO) the piece adds a kind of anticipatory soundtrack to the environment. Really nice.

    The added detail in the audio image is definitely worth the additional resource necessary to store the file.
    Not sure what words I’d use to express that but it’s definitely quite obvious.

    However, since I have a dedicated Mac that does nothing but run audio, and a dedicated 1Tb HD that stores nothing but audio files, it’s no big deal at all. The Mac is easily capable of dealing with it. Also, since I send the bitstream out through the Firewire line, there is more than enough channel capacity to take care of the stream. The Firewire goes to a homebrew protocol converter box and is converted to SPDIF (I’m an EE by training) and is then sent to a Denon preamp. At this point Burr-Brown based DACs convert it to an analogue signal. That gets sent to the Macintosh (not the computer) tube amps and out to the B&W Speakers.

    I haven’t had opportunity to run the headphone rig yet, but that’s next.


  3. Victor Hornback

    Windows users might have a problem if your sound card doesn’t support 24 bit sound. I downloaded the file but Windows Media Player (WMP) wouldn’t play it. After going to the Web Help page for WMP and trying to modify some settings I came to the conclusion that although WMP does support AIFF files it won’t be able to play it if your sound card can handle 24 bit. Conversion to a different format might be an option but there would have to be some loss if your sound card can’t do 24 bit. Plan B…

    Fortunately, I now have a Mac in the house so I transferred the file to a CD and let Mac eat it up! Sounded terrific when piped through my stereo, but then compared it to the .m4a that iTunes had created from the “One Guitar” CD. In all honesty it was tough to tell if my old stereo was doing justice to the 24 bit AIFF quality. So, I listened with headphones (not very expensive ones) and could then tell difference in depth of sound – the 24 bit definitely sounds more real!

    What fun! Thanks Ottmar!


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