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» Interview with a Master..

Rashad Becker, of the legendary Berlin mastering company Dubplates & Mastering:

If you talk about real mistakes, I’d say most mistakes are really related to limiting. Second most mistakes are related to compression, and thats about it. Mistakes – there are a lot of things I have to cope with, which derive from being uneducated or inexperienced, like for example people keep sculpting their sound by boosting frequencies if they feel an element is not prominent enough in the mix. Lets boost it! If it has not enough bass or not enough high end – lets boost!!!
Instead I try to educate my customers to think the other way round: Scrutinize every singal for consistency, check for what disturbs it, and try to remove that, and not primarily check the signal for what’s too little…

Everything loudest all the time! (((I am, of course, kidding)))
I am still waiting for the soft-revolution, a generation of teenagers so sick of the noise and the volume, that they only listen to the softest sounds and music. Un-Metal, Feather-Metal, Nobody-Home-House, Empty-Garage, Soundproof-Garage, No-Drum’N’Bass, Soft-Punk – those are just a few of the new music labels…


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