Is The Web Really Helping Us Find New Music?

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Digital Web Magazine – Is The Web Really Helping Us Find New Music?
So what did we do before the Internet transformed how we find and buy music? What can these services add to offer us an even better experience?

The human factor—that’s what. Remember the guy who ran the local independent record store? The album he nagged you to listen to that you knew you’d hate, only for it to eventually blow your socks off? What about the music journalists whose opinions we value, even if we don’t always agree. We should always want an expert view to point us in a direction we never thought of going, to broaden our horizons in ways we never considered. What happened to oddball choices, eclectic taste, and taking a chance? Since when did we only want to listen to derivative playlists of the same old music, recommended and validated by people like us with the same old set of CDs?


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