Fiat Gets 35% of Chrysler

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Could you have imagined this a year, no six months ago? What interesting times we live in.

Fiat Gets 35% of Chrysler in Exchange for Small Cars
So the hedge fund that owns Chrysler has just sold 35% of Chrysler to Fiat. Not for a big fat check, but simply for access to Fiat’s small car platforms. Chrysler, apparently, sees this as a step on the path toward redemption.

I’d wondered why their extended-range EVs all looked so gigantic this year in Detroit…and now I know, it’s because Chrysler simply doesn’t have the ability to build small cars. Both Ford and GM at least were able to demonstrate that they could build smaller cars, but the shortsightedness of Chrysler is pretty stupefying.

At least Fiat has shown that they think Chrysler is somewhat viable, or else they wouldn’t be dealing with them at all. Let’s hope Chrysler finds a way out of their hole, and that Fiat’s small car platforms are a shining lite for them.


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