Widen Highways?

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Copenhagenize.com – The Copenhagen Bike Culture Blog: Boehner’s Boner
Over the weekend, John Boehner, the Republican leader in the United States House of Representatives, made a rather unfortunate comment about the economic stimulus package currently being debated and cycling infrastructure on CBS’s “Face the Nation” – a well-known political news program.

“I think there’s a place for infrastructure, but what kind of infrastructure? Infrastructure to widen highways, to ease congestion for American families? Is it to build some buildings that are necessary?” He stated. “But if we’re talking about beautification projects, or we’re talking about bike paths, Americans are not going to look very kindly on this.”

Hm, the bicycle is the most efficient mode of transport on the planet. Biking is great excercise and bike-paths will make it easier for anyone to get started. Widening highways, really? Is that a priority? If anything we should widen them by adding a separate bike path:

Countryside Bicycle Lanes and City Roundabouts
As in Holland, it isn’t permitted to build any new roads or housing developments in the nation without including bike lanes and facilities in the planning.
(Via Copenhagenize.com – The Copenhagen Bike Culture Blog)


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