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The Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra (((just made my donation to Wikipedia – what would I do without it!!!))) serves up live streams of their concerts. One can buy a single ticket for 9,90€ or and a 30-concert subscription for 149€ .

Unruhe auf den gar nicht billigen Plätzen – FAZ.NET
…jetzt die Entscheidung für ein Online-Ticket oder ein Saison-Abonnement treffen, wobei man unter Live-Konzerten, Archiv und musikalischen Bildungsporträts wählen kann; dann zur Kasse, zahlen (9,90 Euro für ein Einzelkonzert, 149 Euro für ein Abo von 30 Konzerten), fertig. Kartenabreißen war leichter.

Digital Concert Hall
Berliner Philharmoniker

Classical orchestras are having a very hard time right now and quite a few may go away in the near future. Listening to a live-stream might appeal to a crowd that feels uncomfortable in the social atmosphere of a concert hall. It is also cheaper than going to a concert, especially if you add dinner or drinks, parking or taxi etc… Especially if four people might get together over dinner and afterwards listen to a concert for about 13 bucks – or $3.30 a head.

Although, this could never replace the 3D sound of the orchestra in the room with the sights and smells and vibes that go along with that. And, don’t forget the glass of champagne at the bar before the concert or during intermission, checking out other audience-members and their fashions…

I am glad they are trying this. Always did have a soft spot for the Berliner Philharmoniker! I have a few of their recordings, mostly with Karajan.


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