Thursday’s Rio Rancho show

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Due to issues with the building, the City of Rio Rancho and the Mayor’s office have postponed the upcoming Ottmar Liebert Show that was scheduled for Thursday, December 18th. It may be rescheduled sometime in 2009. Sorry for any inconvenience.

There you have it. A musician’s life is never dull

Musicians’ flights and hotel rooms cancelled. We asked Rusty Knorr to come anyway and he played some of our music with Jon and me this morning. The roads are very slick after hours and hours of steady snowfall and I didn’t stay very long, but we did manage a couple of hours of playing and talking.

Please call (866) 443-8849 for Refund Information.

Bummer, I was looking forward to seeing the XL band again and was planning a little party at my house on Wednesday… OTOH – the weather forecast predicted freezing temperatures and daily snowfall until Friday.


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