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Before you click on the above link you should know this:
It’s a video of a famous bullfighting horse. The picadores (lancers) mounted on horseback wear down the bull so that the torero has a chance. I hate bullfights. It’s an awful bloodsport. But, check out the moves this horse has. He is an astounding athlete, brave (((or crazy?))) and very graceful. And remember, the bull and the horse each weigh at least 1,000 pounds.

The training of bullfighting and military horses – the horse moving on its own to allow a soldier to use his sword or other weapon – are what lies behind modern dressage.

Oh, and turn off the sound – the music is awful.

Here is another video, which shows the horse in training.

(((I do think that YouTube should be forced to police the copyrighted musical content people add to their videos. Either YouTube or the person uploading the video should have to pay the same rate per view that radio has to pay.)))


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