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New York Mayor Proposes Charge on Plastic Bags
Recently New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg proposed that NYC begin charging shoppers 6 cents for each plastic bag issued at the register. The policy is the latest attempt by the city to go green and reduce its environmental footprint, and it comes several months after Ireland introduced a similar tax that cut the use of plastic bags by 94%.
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Big City – 6 Cents Is 6 Cents, but Time? That’s Something –
My husband and I weren’t particularly green at the time, which was seven years ago. Nor was anyone else in that rural part of France, as far as we could tell. What they were was frugal. “Everyone has porcupines in their pockets,” a neighbor there once told me — in other words, it really hurt to reach for their wallets. That mattered when it came to plastic bags, because you had to pay for them at the store.

Shoppers should have to pay for plastic bags and I think each bag should cost more than 6 cents. Maybe 20-30 cents with 14-24 cents going to a charity. A person at Whole Foods replied to my inquiry that their policy might change and that they will charge for bags rather than giving refunds for people who bring their own bags. Good.


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