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Nice O.

From this Ping Mag article.

Photos of the Field of Light installation in Cornwall, England.

Remember the Nirvana baby from the Nevermind album?

The Nirvana baby, now 17, recreates iconic ‘Nevermind’ photo | PopWatch Blog | EW.com
The baby is now a SEVENTEEN-YEAR-OLD man. Digest that fact with your morning cup o’ joe (or prune juice, as it were).

That’s not difficult for me. Twenty years ago next February Jon and I recorded Barcelona Nights.

And regarding whales and the Navy’s sonar:

U.S. top court rules for Navy in whales-sonar case | Science | Reuters
The U.S. Navy can conduct sonar training exercises off the southern California coast without restrictions designed to protect whales, dolphins and other marine mammals, the Supreme Court ruled on Wednesday in a defeat for environmentalists.

In the most significant environmental case of its new term and its first ruling of the term, the high court threw out a federal judge’s injunction that had required the Navy to take precautions during submarine-hunting exercises.

I think that is sad news. Will dead whales wash up on California’s shores?

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