Music ‘can enhance wine taste’

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BBC NEWS | UK | Music ‘can enhance wine taste’
Playing a certain type of music can enhance the way wine tastes, research by psychologists suggests.

The Heriot Watt University study found people rated the change in taste by up to 60% depending on the melody heard.

The researchers said cabernet sauvignon was most affected by “powerful and heavy” music, and chardonnay by “zingy and refreshing” sounds.

Professor Adrian North said the study could lead retailers to put music recommendations on their wine bottles.

The research involved 250 students at the university who were offered a free glass of wine in exchange for their views.

Hm, 250 students did the research… how much wine do students drink? I think students might prefer beer and vodka… Can something like this even be called “research”? And, isn’t any sensory input improved by music?

Does this mean new chain stores in Malls that carry cabernet sauvignon and play only heavy metal music?


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