It’s so much easier to hope for a miracle

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Why We Need a Revolution | Environment | AlterNet
It’s so much easier to hope for a miracle. But our best hope lies in embracing revolution — to, in John Adams’ words, “start some new thinking that will surprise the world.”

Here’s a short “to-do” list:

* Reduce the industrialized world’s carbon footprint 80 percent by 2050.

* Prevent the projected 3 billion increase in human population over the next 30 years and actually reduce population by 2110 without famine, disease or war while preserving human dignity.

* Revise the scientific method so that it better balances the goal of discovery with moral considerations and precaution.

* Switch our economy to sustainable energy: solar, wind, hydro.

* Make that economy one in which happiness and success do not require increased consumption.


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