Helmets for Pedestrians

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Zakkaliciousness at Copenhangenize asks the head of the Danish Pedestrians’ Union a few questions about helmets for pedestrians and receives a great response: (((I appreciate the humor!)))

Copenhagenize.com – The Copenhagen Bike Culture Blog
No, we haven’t considered promoting helmets for pedestrians on the street. There are several reasons [choose freely];

1) We haven’t even thought about it.

2) People who are injured in solo-accidents usually get injured in their home instead of the traffic. So people should probably wear helmets in the shower, instead.

3) Our primary goal is to get all the different players in traffic to obey the traffic laws so that traffic accidents become, in theory, impossible.

4) It ruins your hairdo.

5) You can’t pull your rain hood over the helmet.

6) We risk changing peoples’ attitudes and making it look like it isn’t that dangerous to hit pedestrians – “But they have helmets on!”

In the big picture you shouldn’t expect us to inconvienence pedestrians with this kind of promotion in order to ‘save’ them from the stupid mistakes made by drivers/riders of vehicles in traffic.

Actually, I think that motorists would stop hitting pedestrians immediately if it became widely known that pedestrians will explode with a large BANG and scratch the paint job on the car.

Gotta love the photo. There is also a link to an article from New Zealand that suggests car-drivers should wear helmets. Let’s all wear helmets all the time. You never know when you might slip in the house and hit your head on the corner of the dining table.

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  1. LindaW

    excellent that you found this!!

    Its exactly what I was thinking when I read your post yesterday about the bike helmets.

    There is an advantage here though.. those darned birds…

    (yeah.. I have been dumped on.. its not easy to clean up, and the bird that got me could be heard laughing for blocks)


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