A Book of Extinct and Impossible Smells

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If There Ever Was: A Book of Extinct and Impossible Smells
Robert Blackson is a trailblazer in the nascent field of conceptual scent art. He recently curated an exhibition at the Reg Vardy Gallery in Sunderland, England, that took viewers through fourteen significant points in time and space using only the olfactory sense.

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Doesn’t that sound like fun?

Many years ago I did a solo guitar performance in a Boston gallery, and after every piece I would walk around and find a new spot to play the next piece. It would be quite wonderful to perform in a venue (((gallery-type open room or loft… maybe industrial space?))) that had scent locations scattered throughout the space. Musician and audience would discover a scent and derive music and memories from it.


  1. eric

    now that would be an awesome experience. see art, hear music, smell aromas, taste wine, and feel infinite.

  2. Rob

    I love the concept of extinct and impossible smells. Have you considered extinct and impossible sounds?

  3. Anonymous

    Oh my goodness gracious! Creativity abounds!


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