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Zakkaliciousness from Copenhagenize calls somebody from the Fietsersbond – The Dutch Cycling Union – about bike helmets. Here is what he is told: – The Copenhagen Bike Culture Blog
First of all, bike helmets are developed to protect cyclists from solo accidents that don’t involve other vehicles. These kinds of accidents are most likely to occur at high speeds. If you’re a racing cyclist and ride at high speeds in a group with other cyclists it might be an idea to wear a helmet.

At lower speeds it is impossible to crash and hit your head. It is usually your arms or legs that get hurt. The risk of hitting your head is so low at lower speeds. You have a greater chance of hurting other parts of your body.

If you are hit by a car on your bike there is no helmet that will protect you. There is actually no bike helmet ever developed that will protect you against the kind of dangerous impacts you experience at high speeds. It is impossible to make such a helmet and I don’t think one will ever be developed.

A motorcycle helmet will protect a cyclist but you can’t ride in one as your head will get too hot.

Instead of promoting bike helmets, we tackle the cars and the other traffic. Traffic calming, speed limit reductions. We are also promoting air bags on the outside of cars. They already exist. Ford has developed them for pedestrians in the US and a Swedish company is working on them, too.

Link to Bell Boycott.

Rode to breakfast with Jon at CC this morning… didn’t wear a helmet. Rode my Brompton with a new folding basket… so I can go get coffee for everyone on tour :)

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  1. LindaW

    I have always suspected this to be true. I think part of the reason I enjoy bike riding so much is being in the open, and having the wind in my hair.

    Helmets are designed to make your head sweat, but they do provide protection from that which the birds might drop on a rider.

    Nice little basket, Otmar, does it come with an insert to keep the coffee cups separate? ;)

  2. dave

    No flat? Ha, ha. I only wear a helmet when I’ll be riding off road on my mountain bike where you might catch a branch in the head.


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