Audium: See With Your Ears

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PingMag – Audium: See With Your Ears
Now imagine yourself seated in a pitch-dark room being flooded with multiple layers of soundscapes wrapping around your body… and 174 speakers guide you into a heaven of noise, composed by Mr. Shaff himself.

Funny, had to find out about this sound theater in San Francisco from a Japanese magazine… to be visited (I think I am playing a couple of solo shows in San Fran next May)

Link to Audium website.


  1. Carol Henry

    My work at seeing the inside peaceful nature of plants has produced many stunning images. My studio is directly upstairs of the venue you will be playing in Agoura Hills, CA.

    Please look at my website. I would be happy to show you my work upon your aririval. It is just steps away from the Canyon Club. It is also someplace you could relax before the exhibt.

    Carol Henry

  2. steve1

    Favourite quote from the story:

    “The architecture grew out of the sound itself.”

    Seems like a very good design rule.


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