A Biblical Seven Years

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Op-Ed Columnist – A Biblical Seven Years – Op-Ed – NYTimes.com
After attending the spectacular closing ceremony at the Beijing Olympics and feeling the vibrations from hundreds of Chinese drummers pulsating in my own chest, I was tempted to conclude two things: “Holy mackerel, the energy coming out of this country is unrivaled.” And, two: “We are so cooked. Start teaching your kids Mandarin.”

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  1. yumi

    Xie, Xie.

  2. Carol

    And if that little guy, and that big giant didn’t touch you deeply in the opening, you have no heart. Both ceremonies were beyond words, truly awesome. and the games weren’t bad either as far as that goes : )

  3. DS

    What he said is true. The problem is that there is no one in the U.S. with any vision to make us become competitive again. It is truly sad. Some fundamental soul searching is in order.

  4. Anonymous

    Not everyone in the USA is a visionary but there are gifted leaders in the USA that do have values and a competitive spirit. They maybe few and far between but they do exist.


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