10,000 Butterflies Redux

02008-08-10 | Jon Gagan, Music | 5 comments

Jon’s re-working of “This Spring Release 10,000 Butterflies” is available in the LL now. I am using the term re-working instead of remix, because it’s really an entirely new recording based on the chord sequence of the original. I played new Flamenco and electric guitar parts and Jon played everything else. It’s a lovely long track – almost 10 minutes – which I have been listening to often since Jon sent it to me last week. You will find “10,000 Butterflies Redux” here. Perfect for sunsets or candlelight or daydreaming. Listen, repeat…


  1. Anonymous

    Just the thing for a Monday morning

  2. victor

    Love the sound and the electric piano. very lush and just relaxing thanks and yes hit the repeat.

  3. Luz

    Luscious! Been listening to the preview while on lunch break and can’t wait to get home and download the song. Will definitely have to kick back with a glass of wine, turn the volume up and float away.

  4. LindaW

    Its nice relax in the hot tub music as well!

  5. Boris

    Now who tells the Cafe del Mar guys that there’s real good music around? And qualitative! I’m dreaming of my next trip to the mediterranean now. Wonder how it will be to sit with a glass of red wine on the beach looking at the sea in the early morning before going to take a nap before it gets too warm outside …


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