David Bowie’s Berlin

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David Bowie’s Berlin: a musical tour of the city | Travel | guardian.co.uk
Many great cities are celebrated for their art and culture but only a select few come with their own soundtrack. From Kurt Weil to Bertolt Brecht, Lou Reed to Iggy Pop, Nick Cave to the minimal techno DJs currently ruling the roost, our image of Berlin is shaped by the ambitious music created there.

But for a generation of music lovers, the spirit of David Bowie bestrides the landscape of Berlin more than any other musician. At the peak of his career in the mid-to-late seventies, Bowie lived and played in the city, working on three albums with producer Brian Eno.

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  1. Carol

    I have all of his records from that period. I wasn’t aware he worked with Brian Eno, I just know I only had to listen to him once to know he’s one of the greatest. Got him on CD’s but I cherish the vinyls.

  2. dave

    Bowie, Eno & Fripp … a winning combination. Eno & David Byrne, another good combo, are coming out with a new album soon.


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