Thursday in Houston

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Shiny Floor
Two sold-out shows at Bend Studios. Very nice audience. Great sound – according to our engineer Alan. Many people were not comfortable sitting on the floor. I encouraged them to stand up and stretch while I talked about the new CDs or before the encore.

Stephen Duros on Houston


  1. Rik

    Thank you, thank you and thank you for doing the shows in Houston. I took my sister and her boyfriend to the early show. They had not heard your music before and were very pleased. Being some of the younger members of the audience, we were comfortable on the floor. Sitting on the floor 3 rows back from the band as opposed to 20 rows back from a huge stage made worlds of difference. It was worth the wait to come see OL and LN in this setting. Overall, I thought the performance was wonderful, great, terrific…I could go on. I had to stifle the urge to get up and dance during a few pieces. I’d very much appreciate a set list, as I waited for the show to pick up the new disc and was not very familiar with the new songs. Also, I was curious about Jon carrying his bass out at the end. Was there a problem with it or is that a habit that I haven’t noticed in previous shows?

    I should have worn a name tag. There were no drinks to be had, but a bottle of water would have worked. ;)

  2. luzr

    @Rik: I was at the early show, sitting on the second row just in front of Dave Bryant with my Asian co-worker. Might that have been you behind me? I do remember seeing a gentlemen with another couple behind me! I agree that the venue was much better than the cold Verizon–even if we had to sit on the floor! I did travel to Austin on Friday to catch the late show of the tour, which was equally as pleasing.

  3. Rik

    I was sitting just in front of Jon Gagan on the 3rd row directly behind 2 ladies. So close yet so far. Perhaps next time.


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