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PingMag: A How-to-Reduce-Packaging Journal
Tofu packed into balloons, by Kamakura-komachi?! Surprisingly a great example for reduced packaging: Its elastic material is extensively stretched, and when pierced with a toothpick, the balloon bursts and only a tiny bit remains. How amazing! REDUCE with more flexibility! The same packaging concept is also applied to a pudding – to be seen here.

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  1. Decomprose

    The Japanese lead the world in packaging design. We are far behind, but specifically because our packaging serves a slightly different purpose. Many studies of Americans have shown that purchase decisions are made by the consumer while they are in the market based on the packaging… which means that a product’s ability to catch the eye and advertise itself is important. This is why for years we have opened big boxes and found less product inside.
    I would love to see the omnipresent “blister packs” replaced with other types of packaging. This type of plastic is inexpensive and easy to hang on store pegs but is virtually never made of recyclable plastic so just expands our landfills.


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