Tokyo: Bees vs Crows

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Seed: Seed’s Daily Zeitgeist: 7/17/2008
Bees Enlisted to Attack Crows in Tokyo

And here is a quote from the article:

“We spoke to an expert and learned that honeybees in the wild have the natural response of attacking a black object that comes near to their hive,” Takayasu said.

“There have been tests with black and white balloons, and the bees always attack the black balloon.”

It is believed that the bees’ reaction is linked to the color of bears’ fur. The insects apparently attack dark-colored creatures to protect their hives from plunder.


  1. Carol

    Ouch! Like Japanese with black locks on their heads ?
    Well, I hope it works out better than the starling immigration did.

  2. yumi

    Carol, did you mean dread locks?

  3. Carol

    That’s funny. yes, I guess so.


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