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It would be interesting to do custom work for hire… like most painters used to do – albeit a long time ago.

Before photography was invented, if you wanted an image of a family member or friend or your house, you would visit a few artists until you found one that you felt would be sympathetic to the work you had in mind, and you would hire her/him to paint or sculpt it.

A modern version would be to write and record music (and/or create photographic images) depicting a person’s favorite landscape, house, friend (or poem, season or?). Depending on the price, the resulting music/photographs could be a work for hire and the sole possession of the person or entity commissioning the work.

I mean, sure, anybody can throw together some photo-snaps with loops from gar(b)age band… but having something composed and recorded by an artist you like, would be quite something else.



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