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Futility Vehicle – Judith Warner – Domestic Disturbances – Opinion – New York Times Blog
Well, a lot of people once did. In fact, until late 2004, a lot of people went out of their way to buy precisely these monsters because -– if you can believe it -– the government actually offered a tax break for buying a car that weighed over 6,000 pounds if you were self-employed and needed it to transport heavy work machinery. Like farm equipment. Or a laptop.

Funny. Read the whole article here.


  1. steve1

    Well, I have to confess to a similar scenario: back in 2004, I bought an Infiniti G35 and put a Vortech supercharger on it. The thing had about 440hp. Went through gas like crazy. In 2004, that really didn’t matter, because it was fun zooming around town, and since I basically hate owning a car, all the fun I got to have by being a speed demon made it worth it.

    Fast forward to late 2007. It’s not fun anymore. Costs too much. Traded the G35: Bought a Prius. Fixed up the bicycle. Now most of the time, I just ride the bike. The Prius only gets used to haul kiddos. When I am alone, I NEVER use the car. Always the bike, no matter how far away the errand is. I kinda miss the zoopin around town that the G35 allowed, but not that much.

  2. Carol

    What a terrific writer…That’s so funny! I must get her book. Thank you.


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