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Ottmar Liebert + Luna Negra | “The Scent of Light” and “Up Close” | The San Diego Union-Tribune
One live disc (“The Scent of Light”) and one studio recording, this duo of soft music albums from the pop flamenco guitarist is about as good as background music can be.

How about listening to the album before writing something? I know, that’s an old-fashioned notion, but it’s worth trying…

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  1. Franklyn

    You must be used to this by now but since I am not you I have to say T. Michael Crowell is an idiot and I feel compelled to break down his review point by point:

    1. Correct me if I’m wrong but if this guy knew anything about OL + LN he would know
    the music defies categorization thus it’s not “Pop Flamenco” and OL songs have evolved away from the Rumbas.

    2.Background music? WTF? so all the people who to see OL live go to the gig to talk while the band plays in the background, last time I checked everyone goes to the gig to listen to the music and they buy the CDs for the same reason.

    3.faux flamenco? why be fancy and not just use the word false instead of faux,
    Mr.Crowell welcome to 1990 you are 18 years too late for this mega stupid labeling!

    4.”You might find yourself falling asleep” Really? has this man ever been to the Symphony? does he appreciate music? Does he fall asleep to Vivaldi or Mozart?
    He must be a fan of Speed Metal then!

    5.The rating is 2 stars, wow! this man needs his ears checked. I’ve heard every De Lucia,
    Tomatito and Vicente Amigo album and the Scent Of Light is a fine album by any definition, the themes are excellent, the playing is clear and the production is a s good as anyone’s.

    6.”It’s music for romance and quiet nights”, NO! it’s music to be enjoyed.

    Ottmar, like I said I am sure you have a good skin for this but for my money if someone is going to knock somebody else’s art they should either offer a good reasoning or display that they know what they are talking about and it’s really amazing that in such a short review he manages to introduce so many misguided angles.


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