Cultural Revolutionary

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Cultural revolutionary | Art & Architecture | Arts

I could not pick a quote, because the whole article is so very interesting… You should read the whole thing!!

Ai Weiwei on Wikipedia
Ai Weiwei’s web site and blog.


  1. Panj

    >>>But he has a lot of work to do; suddenly a good deal is expected of him. ‘It’s pressure,’ he says. ‘But it’s sweet pressure.'<<<

    I loved this quote and it reminded me a bit of Ottmar…whom I hope is feeling better and better each day!
    Still each day and night I listen to Scent of Light and love it deeper…and am continually finding new Sounds and Scents…Maximus-Delici-o-sus!!!
    God Speed Luna Negra, you Merry Band of Magic Musicians!…:-)

  2. steve1

    The following quote will probably stay with me forever:

    “…They completely changed the way I thought about art. I thought it was a final product. Then I realised it was a lifestyle, a philosophy; I realised it could be more conceptual…”



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