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It’s Getting Hot, Flat, and Crowded in Herre!
“People say to me: How can we afford to transform our whole economy in order to prevent climate change when climate change could turn out to be a hoax?

“To which I say: If climate change is a hoax it is the most wonderful hoax ever perpetrated on the United States of America because transforming our economy to clean power and energy efficiency to mitigate global warming is the equivalent in training for the Olympic triathlon. If you make it to the Olympics you have a much better chance of winning because you have developed every muscle. If you don’t make it to the Olympics you’re still healthy or stronger, fitter and more likely to live longer and win any other race in life. And like the triathlon you don’t just improve one muscle or one skill but many which become mutually reinforcing and improve the health of the whole system.”
(Via ~C4Chaos)


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