The Slow Burn

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The slow burn (((with great photo)))

Mt Wingen Australia underground coal fire first noted by westerners around 01828, but it is predicted that it has been burning for over 6000 years.

“Fossil Reactors” are naturally occurring underground fission reactions in Uranium deposits of Oklo Africa, estimated at around 1.7 billion years old.

“Door to Hell” (pictured above) Near Darvaz in Uzbekistan, burning since ~01972

Coal mine seam fires, some of these have been burning since the Qing dynasty in China, and the Centralia PA fire has been burning since 01961.

Some tire fires have lasted several years

(Via Long Views)


  1. Carol

    About a quarter mile down the river we have an area called Burning Brule , a cut bank that was smoking when Lewis and Clark came up the Missouri River. You can’t see any smoke now, but a few years ago it was, and likely it will again. I think it has to do with the oil in the shale or something. It’s eerie.


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