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A couple of weeks ago I brought my Negra2 guitar (Lester DeVoe 2005) to Keith Vizcarra. I had sold the guitar to a friend in order to get the money for a new camera that I wanted and he had asked Keith to replace the traditional wood-pegs with V-Pegs. At Keith’s laboratory and luthier shop I saw Joey Bradley, who I had not seen in a long while. You will remember him as the beautiful voice from my 1992 Epic Records debut “Solo Para Ti” – he sang on “Deep in Your Heart” and “Lilac Sun”.

Joey was playing a ukulele, on which Keith had adjusted the intonation. I said it would be nice to hear him accompany himself with the ukulele and Joey launched into a song he had written. The combination of the uke with Joey’s voice and the lack of drums or percussion or any other accompanying instruments, was wonderful. I suggested he should perform exactly like that, but if he didn’t want to, he might consider recording his songs in this way.

I hope he will. I went home and ordered the camera.

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  1. snakecharmer

    If you ever want to sell one of your DeVoes again, please contact me at my email address. I really like the sound of your Cedar with Rosewood combo. You don’t see a lot of Flamencos with Cedar tops. I just picked up an 05 with Spruce/Indian last week..and it’s a fantastic guitar.


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