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William Gibson Talks to io9 About Canada, Draft Dodging, and Godzilla
Having that experience in a small town made me happiest in big cities. Especially in radically multicultural big cities – as far as you can get from monoculture. I’m happiest where people are generally not even of recognizable ethic derivations. I’m into hybrid vigor.
(Via Beyond the Beyond)

As a quick search confirms – I am a big fan of William Gibson’s writing. I can relate to his statement above. And, Hybrid Vigor could be a good title for a new album…

And check this out:

The digital realm is inherently porous. These days we’re all coming to the attention of the authorities as a matter of course. But the really new thing is that the authorities are coming to our attention. It’s more difficult for authorities to keep their secrets. it’s working both ways. We live in the era of the leak, the document that doesn’t get wiped off the hard drive. That drive you thought was wiped shows up in a pawn shop in Vegas. It’s equally porous in both directions. But individuals have a better chance of applying transparency to their lives and transactions on the internet than states and corporations do. If we continue in this direction, I believe people in the future will wield unimaginable tools of forensic transparency — and they’ll aim them back at history. They’ll find out about what every major player did all the way back with tools we can’t imagine today. There will be no more lost cities.

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  1. steve1

    I aspire to ONE DAY write ONE SINGLE paragraph of prose that is as well crafted as Gibson.


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