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02008-06-10 | Touring | 6 comments

We added Lodi, California, at the Performing Arts Theatre on Hutchins Street Square, on July 10th, and Aspen, Colorado, at Belly Up on July 21st to the schedule.


  1. luzr

    Great for those cities and locations? Anymore dates for Texas as in Houston?

  2. Rik

    Good luck with that, luzr. I tried the same thing with last year’s tour, because I wouldn’t be able to make it to Austin or Crockett or wherever those shows were. I even contacted the radio station that promoted the previous concerts in Houston, but they said it was up to the act’s management or agent. Whatever the case, Houston was not on the schedule last year and it’s not looking good this year since Dallas and Austin are already on there. We’ll have to either make plans to travel or be satisfied with the great new music from The Scent of Light. see this entry

  3. luzr

    @Rik: 1st round of drinks on me if we (Houston) magically gets a last minute addition to the Summer tour! ;-) Yes, have been listening to the new CD endlessly and it only makes me want to experience the summer tour even more! Austin is the closest locale but with gas prices these days my pocket book is already stretched–as is everyone else’s, I’m sure! :-(

  4. ottmar

    and isn’t it interesting that both the radio station and the promoter you mentioned were owned by Clear Channel…

  5. AdamSolomon

    Are there any plans for an East Coast run, in the fall perhaps?

    Or an L.A. date this summer, while we’re on the subject? :)

  6. Rik

    luzr, I’ll take you up on that and return the favor, though it doesn’t look promising.
    I find it also interesting that the radio station has changed format and is now yet another station that plays “today’s hits”…mostly garbage.


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