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Each of these ten instrumentals draws a picture, and each picture tells a story. It’s music as a smell that triggers unexpected memories. India, 1978… Granada, 1992… each track has a strong atmosphere of time and place, like the journal of an itinerant poet or painter.

What if the album contained scents and not sounds? Here is one person’s impression.

Up Close: Beginning
Dreamy, soft, light, airy scent. As it warms, it takes off and becomes full bodied. It will surprise you with its warm tones.

Streetlight (Marseille, August 1999)
This scent hesitates in the top notes; you can almost not even detect it. The middle notes build; earthy notes. The bottom notes are like nightfall after a rain: damp earth, buildings, the warmth of the streetlights beginning to light all around. Perfect scent to wear in the evening.

Silence: No More Longing (Utah, May 2006)
A complete scent, a complex scent, to be worn for yourself. Intimate. You must sit close to the person who is wearing this scent if you intend to enjoy the bouquet. Rich, soft and beautiful. As the scent warms and envelopes you gently, you will begin to a detect a change in yourself.

Firelight (Granada, February 1992)
A bright scent, sparks inside you from the beginning. No waiting for a dry down (the scent to settle) on the skin.

Morning Light (Kham, October 2006)
No cutting or diluting this scent.  The heart of this fragrance is bright with the suggestion of the air scented with only the purest of essential oils.

The River: Writing in Water (India, November 1978)
This scent begins with wild abandonment. Not a scent that cautions, there is no hesitation. All the notes resemble water and move, whether you are ready or not. In the end, the scent will gently calm down and becomes very quiet.

Candlelight (Xiao Rem, February 2008)
Like the scent of beeswax candles, you are likely to believe this is scentless, but if you come closer and close your eyes any sweetness in the scent that you detect will be memories of childhood. The scent will fill you.

Three Days Without You
At the start of this scent, the notes do not indicate its intensity. Like incense, it begins by lightly filling space. As you stand, this scent surrounds you and your emotions.

Moonlight (Köln, April 2007)
A sheer, illuminating scent. Gentle to wear. Worn only on the day before the full moon, on the evening of the full moon and the one day after. Never waste this scent – wear it only with those you care for.

Up Close: Embrace
A scent that must be worn when dancing together. If not, how would there be any memories? Why bother?

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  1. borisbartels


  2. ssnakes

    “What if the album contained scents and not sounds?”

    Let’s just hope it doesn’t sound like crap. HAHA

    Leave it to me to say something like that.

    I am truly loving what I am hearing and can’t wait to get the cd.


  3. ottmar

    ssnakes: you sound like my five-year-old…

  4. ssnakes

    Your 5 year old is using words like Crap?


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