Sunday in Rouyn

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Congress Center Concert Hall
Tonight I am closing the fourth edition of the World Guitar Festival in the Congress Hall of Rouyn. The people who organize the festival are all very nice and it’s obviously a labor of love. After our soundcheck the technical director suggests that we should use two projectors to show my photographs to my left and right. Cool! The circular screens you see in above photo were for live cameras that showed close-ups and other shots of the performance.

The audience is great.

PS: the reason I put a watch by my feet, where I can glance at it from time to time, is that I don’t use a setlist for my solo shows. I play the pieces as I think of them, often creating new medleys and new musical bridges between songs. A random order of songs to go with the random order of photographs. Without the watch I might play for 2 hours one night and for 60 minutes the next since I lose track of time when I play guitar.

PPS: the director of the festival told me that Canadian public radio played parts of “Up Close” – with instructions to use headphones. Nice!


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