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Jim Kunstler Interview in Business Week : TreeHugger
Business Week has a good interview with Jim Kunstler for those who are not familiar with his work. A typical question:

Why is suburbia now threatened?
Cheap oil is what made suburbia possible. But we’ll run into problems with spot shortages. As we get into trouble with these supplies, our economy will suffer. Major instabilities in the system will present themselves much sooner than we are led to believe. And by that I mean the way we produce food, the way we conduct commerce, and the way we move around.

When will all that happen?
The rise and fall of oil production is asymmetrical. In other words, it’ll be a steeper, rockier tumble down than the steady increase going up. My own sense of things is that we will be in very serious trouble inside of five years.

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Kunstler on Colbert:

There is also this funny and informative TED talk, given by Kunstler in 2004, which I mentioned before.

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  1. Carol

    So much to consider. Thank you. I can sure see for one thing it makes sense to use the food stuff etc that is nearest us. We ship from across the world produce that we can grow nearby. The seafood from mid-Atlantic is shipped north while they ship in seafood from the gulf, etc. We import beef from other nations to South Dakota ! ? So much must change. I know I’m lucky I live in a small neighborly town. We swap garden stuff back and forth.


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