Paper or Plastic?

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Re: Paper or Plastic? Neither!

In anticipation of the plastic shopping bag tax here in Seattle, I just bought two re-usable bags from ChicoBag for our household use. The plastic shopping bags tax is still a proposal, but I’m looking forward to its approval and implementation next year. So I might as well change my habits early.

Why am I confident that the proposal will pass here in the Emerald City?

First, there’s already a successful precedent in Ireland.


tax on plastic shopping bags in the Republic of Ireland has cut their

use by more than 90% and raised millions of euros in revenue, the

government says.”[see Irish bag tax hailed success]

Second, we’re so addicted to plastic bags that we don’t notice it anymore. So here’s artist/photographer Chris Jordan reminding us of our plastic bags consumption.

And third, if China is doing it, what’s our excuse?

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  1. eric

    In regards to this post you should check out Captain Moore’s website here. Captain Moore is one of the leading scientists here in the states discovering all this plastic that is surfacing out in the middle of the ocean. So much so that the ratio by weight is 6-to-1 plastic to zooplankton. We’re awaiting the latest research to come in that may prove higher.

    Cities in California like San Francisco, Santa Monica, Laguna Beach, San Juan Capistrano, (soon to be) Newport Beach, and many others that we’re working with should be banning this soon. What’s really needed is for people to write their local council members and mayor to address this issue.

    Companies like Jamba Juice who promote healthy living ironically serve their smoothies in styrofoam containers. Although the company does not make a switch nationally they will convert over to paper if enough citizens in a certain community request the change.

  2. ottmar

    Eric: as far as I am concerned, if you serve your product in styrofoam you do NOT promote healthy living, period.


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