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Reading: Assassin’s Cloak

You are having a monday… people are getting you down. You are not alone, my friend. Check out this diary entry by Noël Coward from 1958:

It is hard to imagine, considering the inherent silliness, cruelty and superstition of the human race, how it has contrived to last as long as it has. The witch-hunting, the torturing, the gullibility, the massacres, the intolerance, the wild futility of human behavior over the centuries is hardly credible. And laws, as they stand today, are almost always inconceivably stupid.

Doesn’t it seem as fresh and appropriate today, 50 years later? :)


  1. v2or

    yep and its sad. Why must it take so long for us to evolve into a loving calm peaceful beings that accept one another even if we are different?

  2. Victor

    And in 50 more years it will still be fresh!

    I like the term “inherent silliness”. I think it’s a key ingredient of this universe. The fact that there are humans at all is far more amazing (or silly) than our ability to survive our own silliness.

    Silly universe taking care of silly people. :)


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