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I enjoyed the concert in Hartford last night. The venue was a little strange as it was part of the Hartford Insurance campus and security was over the top. But the audience was great. Afterwards I met a large high school group of classical guitar students that came on a bus from Virginia with their guitar teacher. One of them asked me about Jesse Cook and I replied that I didn’t know much about him – I failed to recognize him during Echoes’ blindfold test last week – but that I do not enjoy the sound of playing nylon string guitar with a pick. The student answered that Jesse Cook does not use a pick. Well, he does and does – I should have bet money…

Regarding the sound of a pick on a nylon-stringed guitar, my ears have been fooled only twice. Stevo sometimes uses a pick and does it in such a way that it is really hard to notice, and during the blindfold test John Diliberto played me a piece where I recognized John McLaughlin and Paco after one or two seconds each, but failed to recognize Al Di Meola, who appeared to play a nylon-stringed guitar with a pick. Usually I notice the harsher treble sound of the pick-plucked string and one can also clue into the playing itself, which can at times sounds more mechanical – the pick goes back and forth and that’s a narrower movement than two fingers would make.

Today we drive to Cambridge for the last two shows of this little tour.

Started working on a new slideshow using Keynote yesterday.


  1. Diran

    Yes,Jesse Cook does use pick. I wonder he still calls his music flamenco….

  2. Carol

    Nicer weather there than down south in New Mexico it sounds like.

  3. Danielsalazar3

    I really enjoyed the concert, I was happy to attend, it’s funny because my girlfriend and I were making fun of how crazy security was and what a strange building it was in, however the sound was great as was the music! Thanks again! We really enjoyed your photographs they added a great texture to the music.

  4. Gerry

    Strunz & Farah play nylon strings with a pick – incredibly technical players.
    But they don’t have Ottmars’ gorgeous tone, which, IMHO is the best.
    Playing with the fingers reqiures a lot more effort and dedication (I’ve tried).


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