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I noticed that the installation made a lot of people smile, including me. It’s a fan that dangles from the fifth floor and flies around the lobby powered only by the air moved by its blades. It’s just above the people, maybe at a height of 8 feet, on the first floor. Link to YouTube vid of a similar installation at the SF MoMA.

After the MoMA visit I went to the Nokia store on 57th Street. They offered to update my phone’s software, which I took them up on since the updater is Windows-only and I only have Macs. When I came back a half hour later to pick up my phone I spoke with a person about the newer N95s, which do not have a protective shutter – neither the N95 8GB nor the newer N95 or N95-3 US Edition. I have seen side-by-side comparisons and my older model with shutter takes better photos than the models without shutter. I find it much more natural to open the shutter with my thumb, which also starts up the camera application, than having to go to the software menu to start up the camera. I was told that the new N82 has a new design of the protective shutter that should also carry over to the upcoming N96. Pleasant surprise #1: the phone-backup on the memory card actually brought back my info and preferences – something that didn’t work with the earlier updates. Pleasant surprise #2: the camera starts up in one or two seconds – it took almost half a minute before. I was ready to get rid of my phone, but now I am going to stick with it for a while. Well, at least until I see the 3G iPhone in July… :)

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  1. v2or

    ah the allure of the iPhone may pull you back to all apples and no windows. I have to say the iPhone really integrates well with my mac stuff. I think you may really like it.


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