Sunday Morning

02008-04-13 | Music, Touring | 0 comments

Listening: Toru Takemitsu
Reading: The Rest is Noise

Haven’t been sleeping much. I get out of the club around midnight and can’t go to sleep before 2 or 3AM. Then I sleep until 7 or 8. Luckily there is Gimme Coffee, which I have thoroughly enjoyed every morning. If you live in Manhattan you should check them out.

Right now I am listening to the above linked Toru Takemitsu album, which I discovered via Echoes’ Secret Sources show with Mark Isham. My last three album purchases have all been from the excellent Deutsche Grammophone web site. 320kbps mp3 files which are open to all mp3 players, a nice downloadable PDF – just like our ListeningLounge :)


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